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Fine Art & Illustration (2016) Degree Show

Degree Show season is the UK's top art and design colleges offer an insight into the brightest new talents at work all over the country. Coventry University final year students showcase what they’ve created after several years of study.

The major project for last year was the connection to what I have been working on and developing through 3 years of studies:

Level 1 Dwelling project was the building of "what is my an identity as West Slavic abroad";

Level 2 The Recall of memories project was the search of the home and what it meant for a foreigner;

Level 3 was a time journey to ancient Poland and reaching to Polish Slavic legends and mythologies. Became building up this strong female figure, and sculpting it into the Tripple Goddess.

Final Year Work:

  1. Sculptures:

2. Photography:

350DVA MP - Photography_Monika Szafoni
Download P • 52.47MB




As the leader of the FAI Degree Show 2016, I was responsible for allocating all artists in the space, catalogue as well as the catalogue and poster design, together with promoting on social media. The logo for our show was designed by artist Toby Page.

The catalogue was the seal on by FAI Course Director, Jay Taylor.


Only 7 students were graduating in 2016 with a BA in Fine Art & Illustration, at Coventry University.

  1. Emily Collier

  2. Kirsty Felton

  3. Renata Jigoveanu

  4. Panagiota Karanikola

  5. Toby Page

  6. Monika Szafoni

  7. Eri Wada



During the Privet View of the Degree Show, our Course Directors of Illustration department announced Student of the Year Award. And to my shock, I was the one receiving it from FAI course. Hard work pays off and became a great way to graduate from university.

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