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Monika Szafoni (b. 1992) is a Polish artist based in London, UK. Art has been a part of her life from a very young age. During primary school, she was discovered and then mentored by Mrs Piorun to win her first local art competition. Later she attended the Art Lyceum, where she earned her art diploma in Visual Advertisement (2012). Her next step in education was graduating from Coventry University with a BA in Fine Arts & Illustration (2018). Then she moved to the UK and graduated from Coventry University with a BA in Fine Arts & Illustration. Later she travelled around Europe and founded the website devoted to art history education and European art. This period influenced her later art significantly. Finally, she devoted herself fully to her professional career as an artist after moving to London.

Monika's paintings explore the relationships between a woman and spirituality, society and the issues they face. She grew up surrounded by strong women figures, which altered her idea of a woman. Her art practice studies women's roles in society in terms of their rights, privileges, interests, and concerns. Her paintings' main theme depicts a critical examination of woman, goddess, subject, object and signifier.


By incorporating symbolism into her paintings, she hopes to spark dialogue between her viewers.

The substantial influences of Jacek Malczewski and Frida Kahlo’s self-portrait are visible in her practice. Monika is less interested in herself as a subject itself, painting her body, either wholly or partially, but leaving out or hiding the face. They become self-portraits of “AM, the woman”. In her practice, she with acrylics by the Renesans Polska and the Liquitex to assure high-quality pigment and longevity of work. Her paintings output signature style by layering acrylic paint effects on canvas, while not missing the intensity of colours.



Coventry University

Coventry, UK


Liceum Plastyczne

Kolo, PL

Summer 2016

Gallery Asisstant at

Artemis Art Gallery
Kuala Lumpur, MY

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